Monday, March 24, 2014

Listen to the Music of Sounds

CnDs Lounge - 10pm on a Thursday Night

Clink of glasses on each other and the tables
"How's Stephanie"
"She's still in the hospital"
"I'm sorry to hear that"
scratching of dollar bills against each other
clinking of coins falling as they spread across the bar
clinking of stacking coins
clinking of shot glasses
glug of quick liquid
crack of breaking glass, uncoordinated movements
slam of the closet
twsshht twssht of the brooms swift movements
crackle crackle, glass pieces pile into the dust pan and fall into the trash can
"I'm so sorry, I-"
"Shit happens"
beep beep beep of buttons
ding the cash register drawer Sliiiides open
tunk tunk, each lever holds down the bills
"Do you consider yourself a republican or a democrat"
"Don't answer that"
"Say you're a racist, feminist, libertarian!"
"Just ignore them"
twsshh of cleaning brushes against glasses
gurgle of water bubbling up under the pressure of the glass
fsshhh of running water
ksssss of soap powder
"You saw a hawk eating a pigeon? Seeing a bird is a bad omen. Someone you know is going to die"

Second Floor - Library at 10pm on a Sunday

Creaking of chairs as people situate their bodies
quick, racing pencils and pens scratching paper, writing, underlining
tip tap tip tap typing
woosh, a page is turned, woosh, woosh, WOOSH, a search for an idea
Thud, books slid back on shelves, thud, books set on tables
whispers, distractions, shhhh
scratch scratch, itchy heads, itchy bodies
jingling keys
HUFF of air - frustration? boredom? anxiety?
loud repetitive breaths - someone's dozed off

My apartment at 2am - while everyone sleeps

creeks CREEKs - the floors are alive. The walls are alive
Oh, the pipes are alive.
tick, tock, tick, tock - the clock never stops, when it does I'll recreate the noise
buzz buzz, the wind shakes the bathroom window
crack, the door opens, jennifer's awake
tip tap light steps to the bathroom
tack of the toilet seat against the porcelain back
wooshhhh of the toilet flush
fsshhhh of the faucet
clack - the towel rack against the wall
crack the door opens
tick the light's out
"Goodnight Madi" she whispers
crack of the bedroom door closing
creek - the walls are alive

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